Custom Software Development from concept to implementation

Custom Software Development

Custom software development can help you realize the full potential of the business you run. Our team of professionals creates scalable, simple solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and streamline operations while increasing productivity and fostering development. With our cutting-edge software solutions, you can dominate the market and transform your business. Don’t wait! Call now!

Software Consultancy with unique concept

Are you seeking the expertise of exceptional software consultants? Look no further. Our software consultancy specializes in collaborating with forward-thinking companies like yours. We are relentless in our pursuit of progress, unafraid to ask the tough questions that ignite innovation. Embrace our consulting-led approach and experience significant time and cost savings while propelling your business to new heights. 

Super Fast and Secure Delivery

With our Super Fast and Secure solution, you may experience software development at its best. With lightning-fast coding, easy integration, and strong security safeguards, you can increase your productivity. Deliver projects of the highest caliber on schedule while guaranteeing the highest level of data security. Today, strengthen your company with our innovative software development solution!

What’s Included In Our Software Development Services?

Product Engineering

We are a software development firm with 12+ years of expertise in developing and constructing world-class apps and game-changing solutions for international businesses. We are based in Bangladesh but we provide seamless user experiences across all the most recent platforms and gadgets.

App Modernization

We offer specialist consulting services and legacy application upgrades to companies all over the world using cutting-edge technology, new-fashioned user interfaces, and contemporary cloud infrastructures. Businesses must choose to modernize their outdated applications in this constantly evolving digital environment.

WEB 3.0 Development

We create decentralized and distributed web-based solutions utilizing a range of technologies, including blockchain, DeFi, IoT, AI, VR, and ML. Invest in our Web 3.0 Development Service to benefit your business in a real way.

MVP & POC Development

Our Proof of Concept (PoC) and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development services can assist you validate your product idea and its market acceptance if you’re attempting to accomplish several objectives and have limited time or resources.

Distributed ledger technology (DLT)

We assist companies in leveraging the rising demand for blockchain-based applications to carry out secure, effective, and time-stamped user-data transactions by using a distributed digital ledger that shortens time to market while assuring a highly secure environment.

API & Microservices

With the integration of APIs and autonomous, agile microservices, our professionals assist modernize IT systems. For creating comprehensive digital apps that provide smooth application connection, we use an API-first methodology.


The Best Solutions for Our Clients

Basic Plan

Basic App Development – Our team will develop basic desktop based software.

$650 / monthly


Standard Plan

You can speak with us as soon as 1 day after starting the order (depending on your schedule).

$1500 / monthly

Premium Plan

Custom software development with custom APIs

$6000 / monthly


Bespoke Software Development: Excellence at its Finest for You Business

We deal with organizations who want to collaborate with the greatest software developers; we will push you and you won’t be hesitant to ask the probing questions to help you reach where you need to go. You’ll save a ton of time and money using our consulting-led strategy! Our goal is to create excellent software that solves issues and realizes concepts using our business and technological knowledge. Your team will enjoy using the simple-to-use solutions provided by our global software development services. Ever grinned at your computer systems? We serve our clients.

How We Handle Every Step of Custom Software Development and Support?

Through the digital era, we can help your firm grow quickly. By optimizing and automating business operations, our software engineers will work with you to reach the goals you have set for your business (and frequently go above and beyond expectations). We’ll manage a smaller operation with greater agility, lower expenses, and higher profitability. To create specialized software solutions for our clients throughout the world, we use a deliberately planned software development process that abides by the finest security principles in the business.

Why Choose AlphaDot LLC For Your Custom Software Development?

1. On-Time Delivery

We give you an approximate time frame how long it takes to complete your project. We strictly follow the deadline no matter how big or small your project is! Our focus is to deliver expected work before the deadline ends.

2. 24/7 Support

After taking our Software development service, we will assign a member to look after your project. Still having any trouble? Just let us know. Our support team is always there for you to know and solve your issues.

3. Guaranteed Satisfaction

We work for our passion. We have been working for 8 years as a leading Software development and maintenance company. Your ultimate satisfaction is always in our top priority. We don’t stop working till it satisfies you.

4. Affordable Pricing

Our Software development service is comparatively cheaper than any other software development service providers in the market. But we never compromise on providing quality service no matter how much money you’re spending.