We Provide High Quality Native Mobile App Development Services

Alphadot’s workshops help firms define the overall scope of a mobile app development project. A Design Thinking workshop’s outputs lay the framework for a future-proof mobile app product, from identifying product goals and business outcomes to choosing the required features to make an impression on consumers and designing a scalable product roadmap to support long-term development.

What’s Included In Our iOS/Android apps development?

Native Android apps

We create very fast native Android apps that make use of all the features offered by the Android platform. Our apps offer the best user experience and feature slick user interfaces. For solutions needing precise hardware integration or capabilities that are security-sensitive, native apps are the best option.

Cross-platform Android apps

Using cross-platform frameworks like React Native or Flutter, we create reasonably priced Android applications. While speeding up time to market, these apps offer a natural feel. If you need to simultaneously launch on iOS and Android, they are a fantastic alternative.

Multi-device Android development

We design unified user interfaces for a variety of Android devices, including phones, tablets, TVs, and more. Our solutions make it possible to manage content, integrate across devices, and sign in without any hassle. We assist you in creating ecosystems so that all of your Android applications interact more effectively in the multi-device environment of today.

Consulting services and prototypes

We provide advice on a variety of subjects, such as market research and competition analysis, best practices for app architecture and development, security and data protection, and performance enhancement. We primarily offer low-fidelity wireframes, high-fidelity mock-ups, and interactive prototypes as part of our prototyping services.

Automated testing & Technical Audit

We can efficiently and reliably test numerous app features thanks to automated testing, which lowers the need for manual testing and eliminates human mistake in code. We ensure that your Android app meets the highest quality standards by using the cutting-edge testing tools and procedures, providing you the confidence to deploy your application for market success.

Providing post-launch support

We provide thorough post-launch services to keep your apps secure, bug-free, and optimized since we recognize the importance of active Android applications and its influence on consumers. Regular upgrades, proactive monitoring, and rapid problem-solving are all part of our maintenance and support services.


The Best Solutions for Our Clients

Basic Plan

Static Mobile App with informative graphics and pages.

$100 / monthly


Standard Plan

Dynamic application: Standard functioning app for IOS and Android

$350 / monthly

Premium Plan

We will develop a fully functional mobile app with the best UI/UX and backend integration.

$950 / monthly


For What platforms we build Mobile apps?

With the help of our mobile app development services, the potential of your business may be realized. For optimal user engagement and reach, we specialize in creating dynamic and exciting apps for iOS and Android platforms. To build seamless experiences across smartphones and tablets, our team of talented developers makes use of the most recent technology. Whether you want a powerful e-commerce app, a customer-focused solution, or a cutting-edge gaming platform, we have the know-how to realize your vision. Boost your online presence and enthrall your target audience on the channels that really count.

Leverage Android solutions from Alphadot

All businesses today actually require specialized mobile apps. We can provide top-notch mobile apps for any category since we are top mobile app development firm in Bangladesh. We have worked with a range of companies, groups, startups, and individuals to develop useful applications from brilliant ideas. We have been known as the greatest mobile app development business in Bangladesh, the US, and internationally because of our devotion to providing top-notch app development solutions. Our team of mobile app developers has experience working with many mobile platforms in addition to creating apps for iOS, Android, and cross-platform solutions in Flutter, React Native, and Ionic.

Why Choose AlphaDot LLC For Mobile App Development Services?

1. On-Time Delivery

We give you an approximate time frame how long it takes to complete your project. We strictly follow the deadline no matter how big or small your project is! Our focus is to deliver expected work before the deadline ends.

2. 24/7 Support

After taking our web & app development service, we will assign a member to look after your project. Still having any trouble? Just let us know. Our support team is always there for you to know and solve your issues.

3. Guaranteed Satisfaction

We work for our passion. We have been working for 8 years as a leading  App development and maintenance company. Your ultimate satisfaction is always in our top priority. We don’t stop working till it satisfies you.

4. Affordable Pricing

Our website development service is comparatively cheaper than any other App development service providers in the market. But we never compromise on providing quality service no matter how much money you’re spending.