Do you need high-quality IT support?

We offer customized IT support and service packages and world-class solutions.

Server/Workstations Support

The heartbeat of every office is server and if there is no server, then nobody works. So, We purely set you up for getting a proper and reliable server that includes with a first class support.

Server related problem solutions

We care about your up-time. Our services include server and workstation maintenance, virus removal, upgrades, updates,
Re-deployment / configuration, remote access.

Cybersecurity and Backup Services

Security is one of the biggest problems with the Internet. It’s our goal to keep you informed and protected at Alphadot. Our backup solutions are the perfect solution when you can’t leave anything to chance.

What’s Included In Our Computer Network solutions?

Network Infrastructure Management

Network infrastructure management at Alphadot involves the administration and management of information, data, and technology in an enterprising manner. Backup, Quick recovery, firewall protection, and network security are some of the services we offer to manage your network infrastructure.

Server and PC Maintanence

The quality of IT services goes beyond simply fixing computer errors and preventing catastrophes. Budgeting for long-term technology needs to be done by organizations.

Virtualization Support

Virtualization is a technique that converts physical resources, such servers, into virtual resources known as virtual machines (VMs). Consolidating physical resources, streamlining deployment and management, and lowering power and cooling needs are all made possible by virtualization.

Device Management

A company is only as successful as the technology it uses to accomplish its tasks. To provide our customers with complete insight into the condition of their devices and to enforce security standards, we collaborate with market-leading mobile device management (MDM) software for both PC and Mac businesses.

Server room cabling & Rack Clean up

We can reduce waiting times and give you the most affordable option thanks to our large inventory. We reduced the time required for assembly fabrication—valuable time that might be spent on the whole project. With our Network Rack Clean-Up Service, we promise that your closet will appear brand new and function more effectively.

24/7 Days Monitoring Solutions

Our technologies provide you the ability to continuously monitor your workers, products, and property from a distance. A CCTV system is only as good as its program of monitoring and reaction, regardless of whether your facilities are covered by conventional cameras or the newest in facial recognition technology.


The Best Solutions for Our Clients

Basic Plan

In Basic Plan, We will only serve with basic solution and provide a consultation for any kinds of issue. However, In this plan we will provide you free support for 1 day.

$29 / monthly


Standard Plan

Any kind of issue fixing and solution.

$89 / monthly

Premium Plan

Basic + Standard Plan both including with more premium support.

$199 / monthly


Choosing an IT services provider can be a challenging task

Your business’s IT network is its brain, and in order for it to run smoothly, it requires the right assistance, which comes in the form of efficient network infrastructure management. The success of every firm in today’s technologically developing world depends on more than simply diligent personnel. A strong and secure network infrastructure is also necessary for a successful corporate operation.
Without the proper network in place, you may experience serious security problems that might further affect the efficiency of your company and harm your reputation. The focus of AlphaDot LLC’s network infrastructure management services is on proactively managing data, information, and technology. Our network infrastructure management services encompass everything from database backup and disaster recovery to network security and firewall protection.

With Alphadot, managing your business IT services is both easy and cost-effective.

The majority of organizations rely on their network to efficiently handle day-to-day activities in today’s developing digital environment. Everything in your business, from client order processing to communication, depends on the network. Because it connects every aspect of your company, think of your network infrastructure as the firm’s backbone. You could demand expert network infrastructure management services since a reliable firm requires a secure network infrastructure. For a range of organizations, Alphadot Solutions provides complete NIM solutions.

Why Choose AlphaDot LLC For Your IT Networking Solutions?

1. On-Time Delivery

We give you an approximate time frame how long it takes to complete your project. We strictly follow the deadline no matter how big or small your project is! Our focus is to deliver expected work before the deadline ends.

2. 24/7 Support

After taking our web development service, we will assign a member to look after your project. Still having any trouble? Just let us know. Our support team is always there for you to know and solve your issues.

3. Guaranteed Satisfaction

We work for our passion. We have been working for 8 years as a leading IT Network solution and maintenance company. Your ultimate satisfaction is always in our top priority. We don’t stop working till it satisfies you.

4. Affordable Pricing

Our website development service is comparatively cheaper than any other IT Network service providers in the market. But we never compromise on providing quality service no matter how much money you’re spending.